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Gladys Bassey’s death was caused by her husband.

Gladys had no health challenge. She was only going through very tough moments in her marriage. A marriage of 13years where she has never enjoyed peace for one day. Its quite sad that some of you here know a little of her torture but you played deaf ears. I remember how I had met countless number of persons to join me to save a soul from this premature death, but everyone felt so unconcerned. Is it now that we want to say all sweet things about her, because she is dead physically?


I am so angry at her husband who knew the weakness of his wife and yet went ahead to keep stabbing her with several weapons. I told Don Solomon that should anything happen to his wife, I will fight him spiritually and physically. I hate wicked and ungrateful men whose wives have been a good support especially from the period of nothing or little. What offence did Gladys do, by loving her husband so deep? Which of us ‘women’ can tolerate infidelity from a man for a decade and 3years in marriage?



Gladys believed God will restore her home despite all advice to let go and forge ahead because such man is not worth fighting for, she kept trusting God to restore her home. Gladys would go to the Holy Mary Grotto, Catholic Chapels, Altars of Pentecostal Ministries where most times she ministers via Songs, Prayer Mountains and Prayer Camps.


Her No 1 prayer point was ‘OH LORD SHOW ME MERCY AND RESTORE MY HOME’. She was an NSPPDIAN. Sometimes while praying with her, I leave my worries and cried alongside with her to God. I couldn’t watch my friend whom I became close to for 3years deteriorate before my eyes. She had visited several Catholic Priests, Catholic Groups and other men and women of God to pray for her home. She would cry all night and day. ONLY PENTECOSTAL PRIESTS stood by her in prayers, others took the matter ordinarily. Now she is dead, why do you now want to give all the good accolades?


Some anointed ministers in the Catholic and Pentecostal churches that knew some of her weaknesses as a human being even blamed her. Is that what she needed at that time? A broken hearted woman?

Which Bible do we really study and where is it written that when someone is in trouble,  you begin to point fingers at the person. Who made you a judge?


3 years of a close relationship with Gladys Bassey was a mystery as my eyes opened to the real being called “Don Solomon” who is the architect of the predicament that befell his home and led to the untimely death of his wife. I begged him severally with calls and messages since he felt “too busy and unconcerned to discuss his family with people that cares”. I spoke with his siblings but none could help but rather raised more fire on Gladys including their parents. Don Solomon and his family even warned me off their family matter. Gave me all kinds of threat but I just couldn’t watch God’s vessel suffer from wicked people who poses to know God but knows absolutely nothing.


This is a woman that picked his dirty self from the gutters and forfeited her dreams for him despite all warnings from her family who rejected Don Solomon’s proposal to marry their sister.


While this woman was going through all of these, Don Solomon was busy waxing new music albums, going for functions and cruising his life with “WOMEN”. He played deaf ears towards the needs of his wife.


Let me shock you!….from year 2020 till date, he never ate his wife’s food again neither did he give her any upkeep money at least. How painful this can be as a wife?  Gladys begged for peace and forgiveness, but he would kick her off and zoom off to meet his ladies at different hotels and their houses.


Majority knew his way of life, why are we hiding from the truth and pretending that all is well? What gospel are we preaching? Yet he would climb the altar of God to sing Psalms and the whole church will raise hands and shower him with praises….Indeed Scripture is always right “My people perish for lack of knowledge”.


I still say it again and again, Don Solomon is not what he displays online and offline. Have you wondered why he doesn’t post any picture or anniversaries of his wife? I had approached him regarding this and he said to me “I don’t disclose my family on social media”. I thought it was a genuine reason until I found the real truth about him in year 2020 when my spirit prompted I get close to his wife. At the time in 2021, I became very close to Gladys, she almost committed suicide but God used me to rescue her and built her faith through the Word and Prayers. Don Solomon knowing this, became my enemy. He voiced to me that “as long as am close to his wife, that I have become his enemy”….Isn’t this also a show of an evil mind? Who wouldn’t want to befriend someone like Sandra Norbert ? Well, only the devil’s incarnate!!! I was so close to Gladys and was there for her needs in any little way I can, as I was also going through my own tough financial problems but whenever am prompted to help her financially, God always provided. It was then, I knew our meeting was absolutely divine! She was using a torchlight phone for a long time and I was so disappointed because Don Solomon was using two smart phones. I was pained and surprised her with a new smartphone device for easier communication and encouragements via chats. I most times encourage her with monthly data and airtime, gave her one of my company’s CUG lines so she can communicate with me at any time. Even if am in a meeting and she calls, I treat her calls as though she was my blood family. I won’t forget the day I came to her salon and handed over the phone to her, Gladys cried tears of joy and knelt me down in tears and showered prayers on me.


I was and still disappointed at Don Solomon till tomorrow.


Most painful of it all, the one that broke Gladys Bassey really down is the part that the so called Don Solomon deepened the pains of Gladys because he is currently romancing her best friend who is a rich widow. Out of her good benevolent heart, through continuous plead from her girlfriend (who won her aso-ebi oh) she had begged him to assist her friend complete the building projects of her deceased husband because of several threats from taskforces. The week he agreed, they both traveled to Calabar, that was the genesis of an intense heat in Gladys home. He came back and became more than a devil to Gladys. Stopped eating her food and started raising accusations against her. At a point, was pounding on his wife like a boxer until, seeing how he injured my friend on their last fight, I warned him via SMS that if he ever tries it again  I would go viral and tell the public who he really is.


That was the period Osinachi died and he stopped and continued sleeping outside his home.


Till date,  Gladys died without knowing what exactly her widowed friend told her husband? What transpired at calabar?. Even her girl friend automatically stopped communicating with Gladys and was publicly and secretly cruising with her husband, showering him with plenty money and expensive gifts. As we speak, this widowed woman and Don Solomon with her four (4) kids are planning to relocate to UK.


The question is “what is your intention, upon all the wealth accrued from your late husband’s pension, hustles and gratuity?


Even the car he is cruising with, Gladys Bassey never entered that car up to three times as his wife. Gladys Bassey will go to St. Francis Catholic Church, Rumukwuta Port Harcourt to minister using public transport while her husband cruises with his AC car to church and everywhere he’s called for ministration.  Painful of it all is that, even if he sees her walking back home from an event or her salon business on their street or road, he would drive pass his wife….now I ask again, isn’t this wickedness from an evil mind?


He did this on several uncountable times. “THE HEART OF MAN IS DESPERATELY WICKED”. She walked about like one without a man. And the so called husband will never allow any male figure say “Hi” to his wife…..Chai! Gladys lived in a marital prison indeed!


In March 2023, Don Solomon filed a divorce paper to Gladys Bassey and demanded for the return of dowry from her family through his father who is supporting the evil actions of his son. From that March till she died on Thursday 25th May 2023, Gladys mental state has never been the same. I was so mad at this wicked decision of his, that I even approached his lawyer who is a Knight with him in the Catholic Church and they both started threatening to sue me. I almost came viral on this but Gladys begged me to hold on.


He wrote as one of his reasons that “Gladys refused to give him children”…. my people, “which reasonable woman wouldn’t want to give birth to children knowing very well that, it is the reason of her husband’s infidelity”. He bluntly refused to adopt kids because he voiced out that he cannot train another man’s children.(What a man, but you shower love to Widows’ kids!). He Has never taken his wife for an IVF as their doctor advised nor tried other  scientific ways of getting children in our today’s world.


Shocking news is that Gladys even died with a baby in her womb. She had severally gotten pregnant and had several miscarriages until this last one that came with all manner of throw balls from the Kingdom of darkness and man on earth.


He also ordered the court to dismiss his wife from the 3bedroom flat they both struggled to build at Rumuekini, Port Harcourt, claiming that the property belongs to him. Is this not wickedness, knowing that Gladys has no money or any other place to go other than her siblings’ house? Yet my friend still had faith that God will intervene…..What strength she got that I admired!


And then finally pled with his wife to go through the divorce case quietly as he doesn’t want anyone to know, looking at his so called ‘popularity in the music industry’…. which music industry? Where is his name mentioned in the Music world?He threatened her on this and warned her.


Little did he know that when Gladys was called at the church tribunal at CIWA (CATHOLIC INSTITUTE OF WEST AFRICA), Port Harcourt, to give her report as to why her marriage will be dissolved, Gladys opened up EVERY ATROCITIES OF HER HUSBAND WITHOUT MINDING ANYTHING. SHE HAD PROTECTED HIM WITH EVERYTHING SHE BELIEVES. At this point, Gladys was bold to spit out the hidden  ugly sides of her husband. According to her, everyone present at the church tribunal were amazed and disappointed. Few days after this meeting at CIWA, unknown guys at about 8pm blocked Gladys on her way back from her little salon business and demanded for her smartphone (the one I bought for her oh) and they demanded nothing else other than her phone. Question is “who sent them?”


This theft also was the next beginning of her trauma as she lost contacts and evidences against her husband in court and tribunal.


Customary Court at Okrika never sat on the 23rd of April 2023 due to the presidential election crisis hence the judge was one of the officials. She was waiting for a new date until this death happened.


Gladys totally lost peace. I ask you again, “how easy would it be for a woman like me to bear all these?” Not all women will go through the storms that Gladys Bassey went through and survived. You can blame her at some point but pray you don’t fall into her ugly experience.



Don Solomon never visited his house after the divorce letter was delivered to Gladys till date. He felt he was free to do anything and be wherever. Even when Gladys took the matter to the Executives of the Knighthood. The president visited their house and discovered that Don Solomon hadn’t been home for weeks, they were disappointed and shocked….My friend stayed so lonely in that big house, in an area that had no good security. I always ensured I call her every night via the CUG line to keep her company with my voice, most times we will just pray and sing. Not until her phone got snatched.


It’s so painful that my friend chose to die with these battles but then the evil that men do, must surely live with them. Whatever a man sows, that shall he reap. Her spirit will surely torment her killers. They will never have peace!


What about the year 2020 he was kidnapped and Gladys stood for him? I recall how I was like a mad person calling friends to help. Was amazed that most of the calls I made, majority wanted him dead. I asked why? They said he is a greedy fool. Very few friends could contribute to pay the ransom, kidnappers were demanding. I recall, scraping my business capital to send to Gladys account alongside Monsignor Kii & few CIWA parishioners to pay the ransome demanded from the kidnappers. Gladys was pregnant at that time but lost the pregnancy due to pressure and stress. She walked at mid night to the point where the kidnappers had requested. What if she was shot? But God still showed mercy.


What about when he was electrocuted? Gladys suffered to care for him at Pamo hospital, Port Harcourt. Even during that electrocution,  they both were quarrelling over same “infidelity issue”.


After much interrogation, I asked her why she didn’t have a dime in her account during the kidnapping incidence, she opened up that her husband holds all their monies and she has no access to his account…..pathetic! She lived on whatever peanut he gave to her. Women oh! Shine your eyes!!!


The day, I opened up to her that the company “MELDON GLOBAL RESOURCES” which her husband operates with, that she isn’t a Director nor a shareholder, she was shocked and felt really betrayed. She never believed that she doesn’t have anything whatsoever with her husband. Guess who He “Don Solomon” made a Director of his company? A total stranger, a widow who isn’t even related to his family in anyway. I reserve to mention her name yet. Is this not a wicked act my people?


Women be wise!


My friend Gladys Bassey was really fooled for 13years by Don Solomon Bassey.


Summary of all I have to say is that, Don Solomon knowingly or unknowingly killed his wife and Justice will prevail definitely for Gladys Bassey.

Let’s call a spade a spade and stand on the TRUTH for once.


This is another OSINACHI in a different realm dead again due to marital injuries inflicted by her husband’s unchristian attitude.


Gladys Bassey’s death was both spiritual and mental caused by the man she deeply loved despite all warnings. Is It a crime to love?


Some men are desperately wicked and they pretend to be very HOLIER-THAN – THOU in our today’s church. We must stop them! Enough is a enough!


A Fight for a good woman who deserves to be heard and justified.




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