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See how Apostle Johnson-Suleman’s biological child Divine Johnson-Suleman manifest in the power of the supernatural

In a development that has sparked widespread awe and astonishment across social media platforms, Divine Johnson-Suleman (DJS), the biological daughter of renowned Nigerian televangelist Apostle Johnson Suleman, has captivated the online community with a profound display of what many are hailing as an extraordinary manifestation of divine power Of God.

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@SarahOsakwe says “This is another Kathryn Kuhlman, I am so impressed as to how she commands the power of the Holy Ghost in her ministration, Apostle and Mummy thanks for raising this mega Kingdom giant, this is so sweet to watch, God is real”

@Maureen_Adeshina says
“For real I am so blown away, I see Apostle anytime I am watching Divine Johnson-Suleman, DJS minister, she’s really need to go viral, she’s a woman on another level, for a true the power of God is real, God Bless Apostle Johnson-Suleman for giving us this gift”

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