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Most Unique Afrikan Queen International: A Celebration of African Heritage

Most Unique Afrikan Queen International: A Celebration of African Heritage 

We are thrilled to introduce Olayemi George, the visionary CEO of Most Unique Afrikan Queen International, a groundbreaking beauty pageant dedicated to celebrating the diversity and richness of African culture. With a passion for empowering women and fostering cultural pride, Olayemi George has established Most Unique Afrikan Queen International as a beacon of inclusivity and excellence in the pageant world.

A Celebration of African HeritageThe Most Unique Afrikan Queen International beauty pageant, scheduled to take place in Lagos, Nigeria in 2024, is not just a beauty contest; it is a profound celebration of African heritage.



Founded by Olayemi George, the pageant aims to empower young women, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and leadership qualities.

The vision and mission of the pageant are multifaceted:



Promote Cultural Diversity: Highlighting the diverse cultures and traditions across the African continent.

Empower Young Women: Offering a stage for young African women to express their talents, intelligence, and leadership qualities.

Foster Unity: Strengthening connections among communities through the celebration of shared heritage and values.

Showcase Talent: Providing participants an international stage to promote their unique talents and perspectives.

What sets Most Unique Afrikan Queen International apart from other beauty pageants is its focus on cultural celebration and empowerment.

The pageant invites young women aged 18 to 28 to represent their heritage and embody the values of African heritage.

The impact of the pageant extends beyond the participants, aiming to instill confidence, moral values, self-discipline, and a goal-oriented mindset.The event encourages public and media involvement, with sponsorship and support being key to its success. For more information, the public can reach out via phone at +2349168040971, email at, or Instagram at @mostuniqueafrikanqueeninternational.

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