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Youngdollar versatile biography

Agwasim Gabriel uzoma is a versatile entertainer and a philanthropist based in Ghana and Nigeria who came from nothing to something.

He’s also known as a self prophet who always believe in God for a great turnaround! and is always working for him because the God of wonders never fails.

at the age of 14 Gabriel Agwasim uzoma came up with a nickname called Youngdollar versatile due to his intellectual and versatile skills and talents which He is also known as a philanthropist, Musician, Comedian and a content creator.

as time goes own he decided to expand his brand and company which he abbreviated his name to Big YD WONDERS ENTERTAINMENT and he also popularly known as BigYD

he always put the lion emoji after his name because he is born in August 2nd 1999 and people born in August are leo ♌️ and he doesn’t joke with is Zodiac sign

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