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Woodgate Structure Ltd Leads Selection Process for The Humanitarian Awards 2023

Woodgate Structure Ltd, a distinguished organization specializing in Research, Human Resource Management, and Business Structuring, has taken on a pivotal role in the forthcoming Humanitarian Awards and Magazine 2023. The organization’s legacy of delivering precise and impactful planning solutions to businesses and institutions has earned it the honor of being selected as the Awards Nomination and Selection entity for this prestigious event.


The remarkable track record of Woodgate Structure Ltd in providing verifiable and equitable planning solutions has led to their entrusted responsibility of overseeing the selection of nominees spanning various categories for The Humanitarian Awards and Magazine 2023. This recognition follows their successful contributions to numerous renowned awards institutions on an international scale.

The selection process commences with Woodgate Structure Ltd embarking on an exhaustive research initiative. Their adept team will meticulously identify NGOs and individuals who have exhibited exceptional dedication and influence within their respective fields, rendering them deserving candidates for nomination. This meticulous process is set to unfold over a month, commencing in August 2023, with a focus on the 2020-2022 calendar.

Subsequent to the conclusion of the nomination phase, the selection process will progress into a strategic questionnaire phase. This stage aims to engage a diverse demographic of approximately 14 million individuals aged 17 to 60, encompassing a wide spectrum of lifestyles. Woodgate Structure Ltd intends to leverage a multifaceted strategy, utilizing digital platforms, IDP interactions, street interactions, and interactive NGO programs to reach this expansive audience.

Chosen nominees will be formally apprised of Woodgate Structure Ltd’s evaluation and commendations concerning their impactful projects. The ultimate victors of The Humanitarian Awards 2023 will be determined through a thorough evaluation process. Evaluation scores derived from the extensive questionnaires and interactions with the public will constitute a significant component in identifying the deserving recipients.

Woodgate Structure Ltd has unequivocally emphasized their dedication to executing this responsibility with precision and impartiality. The organization’s steadfast commitment to accountability and earnestness in its mission underscores its resolute determination to ensure the triumph and integrity of The Humanitarian Awards and Magazine 2023.

With the world eagerly awaiting this esteemed event, all eyes are fixed upon Woodgate Structure Ltd as they orchestrate a selection process that not only acknowledges exceptional humanitarian contributions but also upholds the principles of transparency and integrity.

The following are the categories open for nomination:

  1. Best Humanitarian Supportive Agency on Water Crisis
  2. Photojournalism Award on Humanitarian Picture of the Year
  3. Human Rights Advocacy Organization of the Year
  4. Human Rights Advocacy Individual of the Year
  5. Humanitarian Supportive Individual for Education
  6. Humanitarian Supportive NGO for Education
  7. Humanitarian Supportive NGO for Child Labour
  8. Best Humanitarian Supportive Media Outfit
  9. Best Humanitarian Supportive Agency for Shelter
  10. Best Humanitarian Supportive Media Outfit
  11. Best Humanitarian Supportive Legislator
  12. Best Establishment with Humanitarian CSR of the Year
  13. Humanitarian NGO for Girl Child Support in Education
  14. Best Humanitarian Supportive Agency in Flood Management
  15. Best Humanitarian Supportive First Lady
  16. Best Humanitarian Supportive Governor
  17. Humanitarian NGO of the Year
  18. Best Humanitarian Agency of the Government (Nigeria)
  19. Best Youth Humanitarian Advocate
  20. Humanitarian Establishment of the Year
  21. Best Humanitarian Supportive Agency for Food Crisis
  22. Best Humanitarian Supportive Agency for Health and Medicine
  23. Best Humanitarian Supportive Foreign Embassy
  24. Humanitarian Personality of the Year (Male & Female)

For nominations, please provide:

Foundation/NGO or Individual Name

Foundation Contact Details (Email & Number)

Category Nominating For

Foundation Address

Send to

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