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Rising Afro-fusion Star CaNn CaNn aim for the Top

Recording artist and performer Kemoy Smith, known by his stage name “CaNn CaNn,” hails from the picturesque island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. His musical journey has been profoundly shaped by the close-knit community and supportive family that nurtured his innate musical abilities. Drawing inspiration from the captivating melodies and rhythms of roots reggae, fused with the distinctive delivery reminiscent of the Wu Tang Clan, CaNn CaNn has crafted a unique and compelling sound.

“I credit my deep-rooted passion for music to the nurturing environment of my tight-knit community and the unwavering support of my family,” says CaNn CaNn, reflecting on his musical origins.

With a commitment to honing his craft as a singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer, CaNn CaNn’s dedication to his artistry has spanned over a decade. His impressive journey includes noteworthy performances at prestigious venues such as the iconic SXSW music festival in Austin, the legendary BB Kings in Manhattan, and the Opera House.

“I’ve always strived to evolve my talents and deliver performances that resonate deeply with my audience,” notes CaNn CaNn.

Having shared the stage with some of reggae’s biggest luminaries, CaNn CaNn’s impact on the genre continues to grow. His latest single, titled “Go Go,” has amassed several positive reviews on major streaming platforms.

The accompanying music video for “Go Go,” released in 2022, has reached audiences across twenty-seven African countries, the Caribbean, the UK, and the US mainland. The song has also enjoyed extensive airplay on radio stations in various global markets.

“I’m thrilled by the global reach of ‘Go Go’ and its positive reception among listeners from diverse backgrounds,” expresses CaNn CaNn.

The artist further shed light on his personality and upcoming studio EP managed by Prime Music Partners, a leading distribution agency in USA. His dynamic and vibrant persona, both on and off the stage, is poised to elevate his recognition and success as an artist.

“I am currently working on an EP that will be released later this year. On my personality, i view myself as a philanthropic individual, and my personal mantra ‘leave room for errors and have the will to learn more’ serves as my guiding principle in navigating my musical journey,” shares CaNn CaNn.

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