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Queen Omolabake Ndako to represent Nigeria at Miss Heritage International 2024 in Thailand

Omolabake Ndako, an exceptional 26-year-old undergraduate, emerged as one of the title holders of the prestigious Face of Nigeria Beauty Pageant held recently in 2017/2018. As an accomplished queen, Omolabake is now set to represent Nigeria at the upcoming Miss Heritage International 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Omolabake Ndako beauty, intelligence, and captivating personality will be one the country will be looking to hinge on as to impress the judges at the biggest stage Internationally, enroute leading to her victory at the Face of Nigeria Beauty Pageant she was an epitome of a thorough charisma woman. And now her remarkable achievement has opened doors for her to serve as an ambassador of Nigerian beauty and culture on an international stage.

Miss Heritage International is a renowned beauty pageant that celebrates cultural heritage, diversity, and social impact. The competition bring together contestants from various countries, showcasing their talents, advocacies, and cultural pride.

As Omolabake Ndako prepares to represent Nigeria at the Miss Heritage International 2024, she is determined to promote the beauty and rich cultural heritage of Nigeria. With her passion for social impact, she aims to raise awareness and advocate for causes that are close to her heart.

“I am extremely honored and excited to have been chosen as the country’s bearer for this prestigious event. It is a privilege to represent Nigeria on the global stage at the Miss Heritage International 2024. Queen Blessing Gold first had the honors in 2015 , Queen Linda Onuora was at same stage in 2022, and Queen Tracy Solomon raised the bar bringing a crown home last year 2023, I am committed to replicating same achievement and showcasing the beauty, resilience, and diversity of Nigerian culture. This platform allows me to make a positive impact and contribute to important causes,” said Ndako Omolabake.

Omolabake journey to success has been extraordinary, and she serves as an inspiration to young women across Nigeria. Her determination to excel in her studies while pursuing her passion for pageantry sets a shining example for others.

The director of FON pageant Mr Ozoya Salami expressed his confidence for Omolabake Ndako’s exceptional qualities and wishes her the best as she prepares to represent country on the international stage.

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