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Ondo monarch honored for commitment to education, youth empowerment

Oba Oloyede Adeyeoba Adekoya, the youthful ruler of the Okeluse Kingdom in Ondo State, is making waves with his commitment to education and philanthropy. Recently recognized by Estam University for his outstanding contributions, Oba Adeyeoba Adekoya is transforming the traditional role of leadership by empowering the youth through education.

Crowned at the remarkable age of 15 in 2019, Oba Adeyeoba Adekoya is not only the youngest monarch in the history of Yoruba land but also an ardent advocate for education. Pursuing his own undergraduate studies in Political Science at Afe Babalola University, he has made education a cornerstone of his reign. In line with his conviction, he established the Obaoloyede foundation, which has provided scholarships to over 200 students, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation.

Further highlighting the kingdom’s dedication to education, the Chief of Staff to Oba Adeyeoba Adekoya, AMB Prince Michael Olorunfemi, a prince from Ikare Akoko, recently celebrated his convocation from Estam University. The dual educational achievement within the royal administration underscores a deep-rooted commitment to learning and development in the kingdom.

As the 5th coronation anniversary of Oba Adeyeoba Adekoya approaches next May, there is a growing call for support from the government and well-wishers. The support will be essential for continuing and expanding the Oba’s visionary projects, particularly in the realms of education and youth empowerment.

The journey of Oba Oloyede Adeyeoba Adekoya, accompanied by the achievements of his Chief of Staff, AMB Prince Michael Olorunfemi, reflects a harmonious fusion of royal tradition and modern educational values. The recognition from Estam University serves as a testament to the profound impact of their combined efforts in Okeluse Kingdom and beyond. As a young and dynamic leader, Oba Adeyeoba Adekoya continues to inspire and pave the way for a brighter future for the youth of Okeluse Kingdom and Nigeria.

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