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Music executive Akeju, Olivia Longott Reflects on Afrobeat’s International expansion

Akeju Abass, widely known as Akeju, a distinguished US-based Nigerian media executive and founder of Prime Music Partners, recently shared a heartwarming moment captured in a picture with the legendary singer and songwriter Olivia Longott.

The encounter not only sparked excitement within the industry but also stands as a testament to Akeju’s ascent as a influential figure in the entertainment realm. Akeju has consistently demonstrated his commitment to promoting and advancing music genres, particularly Afrobeat and Afro, through various initiatives. His impactful contributions include the groundbreaking “Faces of Afrobeats” and the captivating documentary series “Loud in Africa,” both showcasing the resilience and talents of Afro stars.

Akeju Abass expressed his enthusiasm about the meeting, stating, “Collaborating with OLIVIA is a milestone for me.”Our shared vision for the future of music aligns seamlessly, and I am confident that our partnership will contribute significantly to the evolution of the entertainment landscape.”

Recognized as UN-ARND ambassador, Akeju double as a Marketing Director at ACX1 Studios and has played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of Afrobeat and Afro music, influencing both emerging and established artists. His contributions have been instrumental in bridging cultural divides and bringing diverse music genres to the forefront of the international stage.

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