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The Oluwo Otunba Royal Family of Eredo community in Eredo LCDA of Epe Local Government, Lagos state has refuted the claims and allegations levied by Mr. Olawale Olanipekun Dare Sambakiyu, the Eredo Community Youth Leader released to the public on the 30th January, 2024 accusing the HRM Oba Adeshina Adebowale, the Omola of Odomola Kingdom and some other members of the family of causing unbearable pains to the people of the community.



read in parts;

“Recent happenings and developments in the Eredo Town of the Epe Local Government Area of Lagos State has revealed the dire need of prompt and efficient intervention of the Government and state stakeholders to restore peace and order as well as normalcy in the daily activities of individuals in the community as the OBA OF ODOMOLA had laid siege of the community using some notorious land grabbers”.

“There has been a tragic takeover of the Eredo community by some hoodlums sponsored and brought to the community by OBA SHINA ADEBOWALE; and certain persons identified as GANIYU OWOEYE AKA GARBA, ABIODUN ADEBAYO, YEMI ODUMOSU, ABDULLAHI AKA JOGUNOMI, TAYE ENITIODUNMO, SIR KAY OLUWO, MD EMPIRE ESTATE (GOKE EMPIRE) , plundering the lives of the members of the community with the use of arms and ammunitions rendering the community unsafe and inhabitable for the members of the community who are now at the will of these unscrupulous individuals and who are forced to negotiate for even their lives with their valuable possessions and properties, while those without “valuable possessions” as ransoms are left to face whatever punishment is meted out by these perpetrators of breach of peace”.

“It has also been discovered that this Oba and this identified criminal cartel led by GANIYU OWOEYE AKA GARBA OWOEYE, ABIODUN ADEBAYO, OBA SHINA ADEBOWALE, YEMI ODUMOSU, ABDULLAHI AKA JOGUNOMI, TAYE ENITIODUNMO, SIR KAY OLUWO, MD EMPIRE ESTATE (GOKE EMPIRE) certain families of the community have been particularly targeted as preys of the endeavors of these perpetrators of evil in the community”.

“It is disheartening that the members of the EREDO Community are singled out and are on the receiving end of the attacks of these law breakers who not only disrupt and threaten the lives and properties of these families but also use sophisticated arms and ammunitions”.

“That, OLAONIPEKUN ADEWALE, MATTEW MURTALA, DARE ODUMOSU, AJOKE HABIBAT AROWOLO, BOLANLE AYENI, IMAM OLANREWAJU WAKEEL, DARE SHAMBAKIYU, IYABO HAKEEM are notable members of the Eredo Community fondly harassed and victimized by the activities of these hoodlums by virtue of been landowners in the Eredo community”.

“It has now become a nightmare for members of the Eredo Community as they have become specific targets”.

“There have been serious threats to their lives and properties as these hooligans led by ABIODUN ADEBAYO aka HONOURABLE VICE and others have without impunity with the use of weapons and arms, invaded, encroached and hijacked properties belonging to the ERDEDO COMMUNITY on the authority of the Oba of Odomola Community forcing the members of the EREDO Community to seek refuge outside the community as it has now become inhabitable”.

“The EREDO COMMUNITY led by OLONIPEKUN ADEWALE (Acting Baale of the Community) is calling on the government and all the state stakeholders to promptly deploy their mechanisms to restore peace and order in the EREDO COMMUNITY, Epe Local Government Area of Lagos State and also search out for, apprehend and bring these offenders of the law to book”.

“That the government being a constitutional faction for the management of the affairs of the citizens as well as for the preservation of law and order cannot afford to be slumbering in the face of such alarming state of unrest and forceful takeover of peace and order in the community”.

“The possession of illegal firearms and ammunition by these hooligans depicts the deplorable state of affairs especially in the sector of law enforcement in the community and the country at large”.

“It is imminent and expedient for the government and all the State stakeholders to rise to the occasion and deploy their mechanisms to restore peace and order, search out, apprehend and bring to justice the perpetrators and saboteurs of peace and order against the members of the ERDEDO COMMUNITY at large”.

“It is hoped that the Government and all state stakeholders rise to the occasion, intervene and deliver in its role as the custodian of peace, law, and order in the management of the affairs of the citizens of the Country”

Meanwhile, our correspondent who spoke with the Otunba family interviewed some prominent members and below were their comments;

Mr. Muhideen Odumosu described the allegations as character assassination.

He said;

“The Oluwo family knows next to nothing about the claim. Oba Adeshina, the Omola of Odomola has no hand in the dispute”.

“Mr. Mutairu and our grandfather were in agreement many years ago. They have been associates since the time immemorial”.

“The grandchildren of the man, Mutairu are now claiming to own the land our forefathers bequeathed to their families in the name of friendship and others”.

“Recently, they encroached on some people’s land and gave false accusations. They are on rampage now. Disrupting the peace of the community”

“We own the community and our forefathers were all in control of the land around the town. This Eredo LCDA’s secretariat is owned by us”.

“It was in 1979 when Late Alhaji Lateef Jakande turned the customary court and the health centre to a Local council. We took nothing from them”.

“We intentionally did that to develop the community and we can see it now”.

“These boys are only tormenting us and breaching the peace of the community. Their forefathers have business in Eredo town. They came from other towns and villages to settle in Eredo. How can those who sought refuge now become the landlords?”.

Prince Bashir Olaitan Oduntan also gave his account of the story.

In his claim, he said;

“Jumuren descendants own Eredo. They are the Oluwo Otunba family”.

“We are the original owners of the lands where the LCDA is built and that of the Sadiq Motors as earlier proved by my brother”.

“The Itanigbo who were the forefathers who these guys were servants of our fathers”.

“The so-called Baale, was brought to Eredo by his mother to have a better life. He is the one claiming to be the community leader now”.

“These guys are only thugs and hoodlums. They have no trace on the ownership of the land in the community”.

“They should desist from parading themselves as owners of the land. The court will soon adjudicate on the issue as it before the judiciary”.

“As earlier noted by my brother, the Omola of Odomola, HRM Oba Adeshina Adebowale has nothing to do with the land tussle or sales of land in Eredo. They only want to tarnish his image”.

Mrs. Tamoriyat Oluwo Adebowale Olaitan, the mother of the HRM Oba Adeshina who is a member of the family also refuted the allegations.

She claimed that;

“The Awurens are thieves. They are only interested in our property. They have no right whatsoever to any of the landed property”.

“They should stop further encroachment on our land. The matter is currently in the competent court of law”.

“We want the government to come to our aid and save us from them. We can’t take laws into our hands”.

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