Cement Prices in Nigeria Today: Here’s the Latest Update
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In light of recent developments surrounding cement prices in Nigeria, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the current market rates offered by major cement producers.

Despite agreements between the Federal Government and manufacturers, discrepancies in prices have emerged, prompting a closer examination of the pricing landscape across the industry.

Understanding the Cement Price Agreements:
Initial agreements between prominent cement producers like BUA, Dangote, Lafarge, Ibeto, and others, alongside the Federal Government, aimed to establish a pricing framework. The agreement stipulated that a 50kg bag of cement should be priced within the range of N7,000 to N8,000.

Retailers’ Compliance with Price Agreements

Despite the outlined agreements, reports have surfaced indicating that many retailers are not adhering to the agreed-upon price range. Instances of cement being sold at significantly higher rates, such as N10,000 to N11,000 per bag in certain areas like Idimu, Lagos, raise concerns about the enforcement and implementation of the agreed pricing structure.

Insights from Market Observations:

A closer look at current market prices reveals significant disparities from the agreed-upon rates. Here’s a breakdown of the prevailing prices offered by key cement producers:

Dangote Cement Plc: Prices range between N11,000 and N12,500 per bag.

Lafarge Africa Plc: Cement is available within the price bracket of N12,000 to N14,000 per bag.

BUA Cement: Retail prices vary from N10,000 to N11,000 per bag.

UNICEM Cement: Prices fluctuate between N12,000 and N14,000 per bag.

Ibeto Cement: Retail prices range from N10,000 to N11,000 per bag

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