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We are Driving Nigeria Towards a Cleaner Future – EV Planet CEO

Nigeria’s transportation sector is on the brink of a transformation. Mr. Bunmi Felix Olubamidele with EV Planet Ltd leads this charge, tackling the critical barriers to electric vehicle (EV) adoption and paving the way for a sustainable future.

“We’re committed to four key initiatives to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Nigeria and West Africa,” says Olubamidele. These initiatives include training technicians, establishing a comprehensive charging infrastructure, converting traditional vehicles to electric, and ensuring EV affordability.

One of the primary steps is to build a network of skilled technicians. EV Planet Ltd, in collaboration with BZB Training Institute in China, is training local mechanics to service and repair EVs. “Trained technicians ensure that EV owners can rely on proper vehicle maintenance,” Mr. Bunmi Felix Olubamidele explains.

Chargify is a pivotal initiative aimed at installing EV charging stations throughout Nigeria. “By placing these stations in accessible locations like malls and hotels, we’re removing the fear of running out of power,” says Olubamidele. This network will eventually cover other West African countries, providing a reliable charging solution for EV owners.

Mr. Bunmi Felix Olubamidele, who also has a successful background in real estate development through Affordable Lekki Homes Ltd and Dastic Homes Ltd, brings a wealth of experience and innovative approaches to the EV industry. His commitment to sustainability inspires positive change and sets new standards in the technology and real estate sectors.

Another strategic focus is converting existing vehicles to electric power, starting with buses and trucks. This method saves money and accelerates the transition to electric transportation. “Converting traditional vehicles to electric is a practical and cost-effective approach,” Olubamidele notes.

To make EVs more accessible, EV Planet Ltd has partnered with brands from China to offer affordable electric vehicles. These EVs come with a five-year warranty for free maintenance and repairs, ensuring both reliability and affordability. “Our goal is to provide electric vehicles that everyone can afford and trust,” says Olubamidele.

EV Planet Ltd operates both physical offices and an online presence, making it easy for clients to access their products and services. “Customers can purchase electric vehicles, enroll in our EV technician training program, and benefit from our comprehensive maintenance and repair services,” explains Olubamidele.

Mr. Bunmi Felix Olubamidele and EV Planet Ltd are not just promoting electric vehicles; they are creating a robust support system for sustainable transportation in Nigeria and West Africa. “We provide end-to-end solutions, making us a one-stop-shop for all EV and alternative energy needs.”

With a staff strength of 10 direct employees, EV Planet Ltd is committed to enhancing the lives of Nigerians and Africans. “Our vision is to facilitate a smooth transition to electric vehicles, benefiting everyone and fostering a cleaner future,” Mr. Bunmi Felix Olubamidele concludes.

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