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R.O & Co Properties Sets To Expand Tentacles Across 36 States, FCT •Highlights Solutions To Housing Deficits
The Founder of R.O and Co Properties limited, Mr Ridwan Olayiwola has announced the Company’s target of reaching the 36 states and the FCT due to its expansion goals.
Olayiwola, a registered Surveyor and Real Estate mogul based in Ibadan, Abeokuta and Lagos discussed the time value associated with lands and how it grows overtime, citing a real life examples of friends that purchased lands and selling at its triple value within years.
Speaking on the problems related to Real estate, he said “the problem of the ‘Omo oniles’ who have to be paid and settled in order to continue developing the land is one of the major problem we face in real estate.”
On the need to address the housing deficit in Nigeria, Olayiwola said, “we are working closely with our clients to deliver affordable houses for both middle class and upper class who are willing to take on the plans we allotted.
“Nigeria has large housing deficit which can be addressed by Private sector which we are currently championing it’s cause, within short time, the results of this will he realized” he concluded.
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