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“Nigerians are going through a lot, the hunger is real” says twitter user as they commend Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin splashes N100M on Nigerians for Christmas Celebration

In a grand display of generosity, Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, the revered spiritual leader of Mercy City Church in Warri, just hosted the largest CrossOver Service in Africa as he offered N100 million to members and neighbours.

The event drew an astonishing crowd of over 200,000 worshippers who gathered to usher in the new year 2024 with prayers, praise, and gratitude.

Prophet Fufeyin, known for his philanthropic endeavors, went above and beyond this festive season by splashing a staggering sum of over N100 million on church members, neighbours and communities.

This significant financial contribution to individuals and communities assisted them in celebrating Christmas amidst challenging times.

Witnesses marveled at the sheer scale of Fufeyin’s generosity, with some taking to social media to express their astonishment.

One user, @ChimaRolands, remarked, “but this Prophet dey show love sha…wow, Nigerians are truly going through a lot for real.”

Another user added, “Only God go save this country see, real hunger for people face, it’s well, God Bless You Pastor Jeremiah.”

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Fufeyin’s dedication to supporting his community and congregation has not only set a new standard for generosity but has also ignited a wave of gratitude and admiration among those who have benefited from his benevolence.

As the new year unfolds, many are inspired by this act of kindness, hopeful that such gestures will continue to make a positive impact in the lives of those facing challenges in Nigeria.

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