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Lawizzi Entertainment Founder, Abdullateef Omotayo Salaudeen, Discusses Vision and Goals for the Music Record Label

*Lawizzi Entertainment’s Founder, Lawizzi, Talks about Building a Thriving Music Record Label and Promoting Inclusivity in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.*


Abdullateef Omotayo Salaudeen, popularly known as Lawizzi, is a renowned Nigerian entertainer with a strong passion for the business aspect of the entertainment industry. As the visionary force behind Lawizzi Entertainment, he recently shared insights into the label’s vision, objectives, and upcoming plans in an exclusive interview with naijahitplay.

Lawizzi Entertainment, under the leadership of Abdullateef Omotayo Salaudeen, has set a goal to provide opportunities for all talented individuals interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment field. While hailing from Ogun state, Salaudeen proudly considers himself detribalized and emphasizes inclusivity within the music label.

“Our primary aim is to promote the entertainment industry and inspire aspiring artists of all genders and backgrounds to showcase their talents and connect with the world at large,” said Abdullateef Omotayo Salaudeen, reflecting on the core mission of Lawizzi Entertainment.

Discussing the label’s objectives and values, he stated, “Our main focus is to maintain professionalism in all aspects of our operations, ultimately increasing our artists’ profits, which, in turn, fuels our sales and overall profitability. We are committed to providing a robust records management system and ensuring that all artists under our label have access to the right information at the right time.”

Lawizzi Entertainment currently represents talented artists, one of whom is M.Wizzy. The passion for music has been ingrained in Abdullateef Omotayo Salaudeen since childhood, and through dedication and collaborations, he has met incredible individuals and achieved outstanding results in the industry.

Salaudeen credits social media as a vital tool for enhancing his visibility and presence in the industry. “I am active on all major social media platforms, and they have been instrumental in elevating my reach,” he commented. To connect with Lawizzi and stay updated on the label’s endeavors, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @Lawizzi_E.

With a clear vision and commitment to empowering artists and the entertainment industry as a whole, Lawizzi Entertainment and its founder, Abdullateef Omotayo Salaudeen, are determined to make a lasting impact on the Nigerian music scene.

About Lawizzi Entertainment: Lawizzi Entertainment, founded by Abdullateef Omotayo Salaudeen (Lawizzi), is a thriving music record label based in Nigeria. The label is dedicated to promoting inclusivity within the entertainment industry, offering opportunities to aspiring artists of diverse backgrounds. With a focus on professionalism and a passion for music, Lawizzi Entertainment aims to increase artists’ profits and elevate the overall music experience for fans worldwide.*

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