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Ex-Beauty Queen Esther Gabriel’s unveils Initiative Combating Plastic Pollution in Africa

Plastic pollution has emerged as a pressing concern in Africa, adversely affecting both the environment and human health. In response to this critical environmental issue, renowned philanthropist and former Nigerian Beauty Queen, Esther Ogechi Gabriel, has embarked on a transformative journey through her NGO, the Ogechikanma Foundation. Esther Gabriel’s groundbreaking initiative, aptly named “Recycle to Empower,” is designed to empower young girls while simultaneously creating awareness about plastic pollution and the vital importance of recycling.

In a remarkable demonstration of commitment to this cause, last year, through the “Recycle to Empower” initiative, Esther Ogechi Gabriel customized and donated recycling bins to schools in River State. Furthermore, she conducted educational sessions with the students, enlightening them about the detrimental effects of plastic pollution on the environment and the significance of recycling, reusing, and embracing eco-friendly alternatives.

Esther, a passionate advocate for girl child education, ingeniously partnered with recycling companies that collect plastics from the donated recycling bins in schools. In return, these companies contribute monetarily to the schools, primarily focusing on meeting the educational needs of girls. Additionally, the foundation distributed essential school supplies, including writing materials, school uniforms, and school bags, further empowering these young students on their educational journeys.

Presently, the Ogechikanma Foundation is calling upon and seeking partnerships with organizations and companies that share their vision of creating greater awareness and putting an end to plastic pollution in Africa, while further enhancing waste management practices. Esther Gabriel’s relentless efforts exemplify her dedication to making a meaningful impact on the lives of young girls and the environment.

Esther Gabriel, Founder of the Ogechikanma Foundation, expressed her enthusiasm for the ongoing mission, stating, “Our ‘Recycle to Empower’ initiative is not just about addressing plastic pollution; it’s about empowering the girl child and shaping a sustainable future. We are eager to collaborate with like-minded organizations and companies to amplify our impact and drive positive change across the continent.”

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