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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Introducing to you a brand new artist from Ghana. A man full of character and love, Mr. Charles Anna, artistically known by Charley-A. Charley-A is one artist with soulful and artistic style in music and while this song, W’adjo may sound like any other amapiano song, his soulful voice combined with his creativity, brought a new spin to the track.
W’adjo, in one of many Ghanaian languages, means “Let’s dance” but do not let that title fool you into thinking this is an anyhow track because it, in fact, is not. This is a gospel Amapiano song full of messages and uplifting words. This is an amazing track. This is a masterpiece.
This is art in music form. This is what our new generation of children need to hear. Charley-A definitely chose the perfect producer for this track, God’slove. God’slove has produced for a lot of musicians, known and unknown. Be among the first people to stream, download, share and dance to this song because, Charley-A may be new to the music industry, he is most definitely an experienced singer. Be on the look out for his album that is said to be coming out later 2024, all of which was produced by God’slove.
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