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African Stars Mvee, Djodje, Jux, features in New hit Single “Hello”

Prime Music Partners, a renowned distribution agency based in the United States, recently collaborated with three of Africa’s hottest talents – Mvee, Djodje, and Jux, on their latest single “Hello.” The captivating new track is a fusion of Afrobeats sounds, blended with rich African tunes and percussions, promising to captivate audiences worldwide.

“Hello” showcases the immense talent and versatility of Mvee, Djodje, and Jux, who have been making waves in the African music scene with their distinct styles and unique sounds. The collaboration between these rising stars and Prime Music Partners seeks to introduce the global audience to the vibrant and evolving Afrobeats genre.

Akeju Abass, Director at Prime Music Partners, expressed his excitement about the release, stating, “We are thrilled to be working with Mvee, Djodje, and Jux on this groundbreaking project. ‘Hello’ truly merges the best of both worlds – the infectious energy of Afrobeats and the melodic harmonies of African rhythms. We believe that this song has the potential to make a significant impact and resonate with listeners internationally.”

“Hello” is a testament to the collective creative prowess of these talented artists. With its catchy hooks, infectious melodies, and groove-inducing beats, the song promises to leave an indelible mark on the global music landscape.

The director Prime Music Partners further revealed that the song “Hello”, is now available on all major streaming platforms and has already garnered significant attention and positive reception from fans and music critics alike.

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